Security and Human Behaviour 2013

I’m liveblogging the Workshop on Security and Human Behaviour which is being held at USC in Los Angeles. The participants’ papers are here; for background, see the liveblogs for SHB 2008-12 which are linked here and here. Blog posts summarising the talks at the workshop sessions will appear as followups below. (Added: there is another … Continue reading Security and Human Behaviour 2013

Security and Human Behaviour 2009

I’m at SHB 2009, which brings security engineers together with psychologists, behavioral economists and others interested in deception, fraud, fearmongering, risk perception and how we make security systems more usable. Here is the agenda. This workshop was first held last year, and most of us who attended reckoned it was the most exciting event we’d … Continue reading Security and Human Behaviour 2009

Security psychology

I’m currently in the first Workshop on security and human behaviour; at MIT, which brings together security engineers, psychologists and others interested in topics ranging from deception through usability to fearmongering. Here’s the agenda and here are the workshop papers. The first session, on deception, was fascinating. It emphasised the huge range of problems, from … Continue reading Security psychology