IEEE best paper award

Steven Murdoch, Saar Drimer, Mike Bond and I have just won the IEEE Security and Privacy Symposium’s Best Practical Paper award for our paper Chip and PIN is Broken. This was an unexpected pleasure, given the very strong competition this year (especially from this paper). We won this award once before, in 2008, for a paper on a similar topic.

Ross, Mike, Saar, Steven (photo by Joseph Bonneau)

Update (2010-05-28): The photo now includes the full team (original version)

12 thoughts on “IEEE best paper award

  1. Congratulations; it’s an excellent paper (but then again so is most of the output of the Cambridge labs; Prof Wilkes must be proud 🙂

  2. Keep your head up!
    We all are proud of you and waiting for updates in your research. By the way, my personal opinion is the same as IEEE.
    “Cambridge Computer Laboratory Security Group” is the best in the world sui generis!


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