Cambridge Science Festival: Science research now!

The annual Cambridge Science Festival is running during 8–21 March, where there are over 150 talks, demonstrations and other events, open to the public.

On Saturday 13th March (16:00–16:45), I will be talking about my recent work on Chip and PIN security. In the same session, there will also be presentations from Leila Luheshi on Alzheimer’s Disease, and Adrian Owen discussing his research on the awareness of brain-damage victims. The session will be hosted by The Naked Scientists.

For more details, see the event page — science research now!. The talk is free and no booking is required. It will be held in the Cockcroft Lecture Theatre.

2 thoughts on “Cambridge Science Festival: Science research now!

  1. shame i am way 🙁 any recordings.

    your part on fake Britain with silly bold head guy was good too. Gives the message about infomation security to the avrage guy.

    my question is did you actually met this dom guy is head as shiny as is on tv ?

    don’t know were that came from

    right back to sorting out my arm toolchain

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