2023 Workshop on the Economics of Information Security

WEIS 2023, the 22nd Workshop on the Economics of Information Security, will be held in Geneva from July 5-7, with a theme of Digital Sovereignty. We now have a list of sixteen accepted papers; there will also be three invited speakers, ten posters, and ten challenges for a Digital Sovereignty Hack on July 7-8.

The deadline for early registration is June 10th, and we have discount hotel bookings reserved until then. As Geneva gets busy in summer, we suggest you reserve your room now!

1 thought on “2023 Workshop on the Economics of Information Security

  1. Excellent stuff. FWIW, pollution through recursion risk is one of the BIML-78.

    Here is what we said at the time (January 2020) in https://berryvilleiml.com/results/ara.pdf:

    Model confounded by subtle feedback loops. If data output from the model are later used as input back into the same model, what happens? Note that this is rumored to have happened to Google translate in the early days when translations of pages made by the machine were used to train the machine itself. Hilarity ensued. To this day, Google restricts some translated search results through its own policies.

    Glad you guys have done the math.

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