2 thoughts on “Security economics MOOC running once more

  1. I’m currently deciding whether or not to purchase an edX Verified Certificate for this course. Leaving aside the revenue they generate for edX (which I support), I am trying to get a realistic idea of how these certificates are viewed and treated by recruiters and employers. Bottom line – are they worth paying for? I would appreciate any comments from Professor Anderson, other edX users or recruiters/employers.

    Thanks for MOOC, looking forward to starting it in a few days.

  2. Payment has a huge effect on completion.

    Last year, for example, 5081 students enrolled free, 2720 started, 986 tried some problems and 260 passed – under 10%. But of the 223 who verified enrolment, 214 started, 193 tried problems and 153 passed.

    It seems to be a bit like gym membership. Anyone can get fit for free by running round the park. But if you hand over some real money for a year’s fitness club membership, you see to it that get some value out of it.

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