PhD Studentship in Mobile Payments

We’ve been offered funding for a PhD student to work at the University of Cambridge Computer Laboratory on the security of mobile payments, starting in April 2012.

The objective is to explore how we can make mobile payment systems dependable despite the presence of malware. Research topics include the design of next-generation secure element hardware, trustworthy user interfaces, and mechanisms to detect and recover from compromise. Relevant skills include Android, payment protocols, human-computer interaction, hardware and software security, and cryptography.

As the sponsor wishes to start the project by April, we strongly encourage applications by 28 October 2011 (although candidates who do not need a visa to work in the UK might conceivably apply as late as early December). Enquiries should be directed to Ross Anderson.

5 thoughts on “PhD Studentship in Mobile Payments

  1. Dear All

    I am strongly interested in this PhD chance, please can you guide us for the application process?

  2. We’re looking first of all for someone who will be a good Cambridge research student – that means not just bright and hardworking, but creative. We aim for our PhDs to be the academic and industrial research leaders of tomorrow.

    So we assess candidates, at the first pass, by their research proposal. If you want to get on the shortlist for interview, write a couple of pages telling us what you’d do if you were funded here by a phone vendor for 3-4 years to think about how we can make mobile payments dependable in the presence of pervasive malware and social engineering. This doesn’t have to be near-term stuff, aimed at next year’s product; good engineering research tends to aim at 5-10 years from now.

  3. Sir, is this position filled up? Though I am very late to ask but would like to know and apply.

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