Daily Archives: 2009-12-14

When is a leak not a leak ?

WikiLeaks have decided to save other people some bandwidth and make some of my powerpoint slides available on their site. Since they usually publish censored or confidential information, they’re presumably completely unaware of how these slides have been available to the public from two different websites since the day of the talk.

Remarkably similar slides (I’m often lazy!) were also presented in talks I have given this year to INEX (the Irish Internet Exchange Point) [slides here], to EuroBSDCon [slides here] and the BCS (Herts branch) [slides here].

These talks have been covered various technical aspects of the blocking of child sexual abuse images for sites that appear on the IWF list. I’ve been mentioning the blocking of Wikipedia just over a year ago, and the blocking of archive.org up to last February. However, I’ve also thrown in a couple of slides about some more recent research, yet to be published, which explores a different way of determining what is on the IWF list. That seems to have been what has interested WikiLeaks.
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