Daily Archives: 2009-02-11

New Facebook Photo Hacks

Last March, Facebook caught some flak when some hacks circulated showing how to access private photos of any user. These were enabled by egregiously lazy design: viewing somebody’s private photos simply required determining their user ID (which shows up in search results) and then manually fetching a URL of the form:
This hack was live for a few weeks in February, exposing some photos of Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and (reportedly) Paris Hilton, before the media picked it up in March and Facebook upgraded the site.

Instead of using properly formatted PHP queries as capabilities to view photos, Faceook now verifies the requesting user against the ACL for each photo request. What could possibly go wrong? Well, as I discovered this week, the photos themselves are served from a separate content-delivery domain, leading to some problems which highlight the difficulty of building access control into an enormous, globally distributed website like Facebook.

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