Daily Archives: 2008-07-24

PET Award 2008

At last year’s Privacy Enhancing Technologies Symposium (PETS), I presented the paper “Sampled Traffic Analysis by Internet-Exchange-Level Adversaries”, co-authored with Piotr Zieliński. In it, we discussed the risk of traffic-analysis at Internet exchanges (IXes). We then showed that given even a small fraction of the data passing through an IX it was still possible to track a substantial proportion of anonymous communications. Our results are summarized in a previous blog post and full details are in the paper.

Our paper has now been announced as a runner-up for the Privacy Enhancing Technologies Award. The prize is presented annually, for research which makes an outstanding contribution to the field. Microsoft, the sponsor of the award, have further details and summaries of the papers in their press release.

Congratulations to the winners, Arvind Narayanan and Vitaly Shmatikov, for “Robust De-Anonymization of Large Sparse Datasets”; and the other runner-ups, Mira Belenkiy, Melissa Chase, C. Chris Erway, John Jannotti, Alptekin Küpçü, Anna Lysyanskaya and Erich Rachlin, for “Making P2P Accountable without Losing Privacy”.