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The second edition of my book “Security Engineering” came out three weeks ago. Wiley have now got round to sending me the final electronic version of the book, plus permission to put half a dozen of the chapters online. They’re now available for download here.

The chapters I’ve put online cover security psychology, banking systems, physical protection, APIs, search, social networking, elections and terrorism. That’s just a sample of how our field has grown outwards in the seven years since the first edition.


10 thoughts on “Second edition

  1. Where is the full electronic edition of your new edition which I’m eager to buy? Specifically, where is the Amazon Kindle edition, and when can I fork over some money for it?


  2. I look forward to reading the second edition. The first edition was wonderful.

    The first edition has been a great resource over the years. I often refer people to it who are interested in learning more about security. Thank you posting the first edition online and opening it up to the community.


  3. Roland

    The Kindle version will be ready in a few weeks, or so my publisher believes. The problem is that Amazon creates the Kindle versions themselves for this sort of book, so it’s kinda out of our control. I passed on your post to Wiley who have now marked my book with a fast-track request. So thanks for asking; it helps us expedite the process


  4. Now I just bought the first edition a few weeks ago.

    I was not warned that a new version of this quite expensive book would be released soon and that the one I bought would become free overnight. 🙁


  5. Thanks for all your hard work and dedication with being the light in this field.
    Lightbluetouchpaper, a great name, great under lynx as well.
    Keep up the great work.

  6. Dom – if you buy from Amazon and the price goes down soon you are supposed to get a refund.

    I spotted a typo “thr” for “the” in the online chapters.

  7. Nice to see the second edition. I greatly enjoyed reading the first edition.

    Being a InfoSec student (last year) I was grateful for the free on-line copy. It was one thing less to worry about when every penny counts. I found the on-line edition more useful too. If I had any time to kill between lectures I could simple logon pretty much anywhere and have a read, or direct others to the resource.

    Nice to see the addition of ‘Terror, Justice and Freedom”. I will be buying a copy, not because I have to (like most text books) but I feel I owe you a copy.


  8. Another typo, “legder” in the on-line chapter 10.1.2 para 2.

    Maybe this is just a free way to get the book proof read! I enjoyed the chapter anyway!

  9. > 3.3.3 Reflection Attacks

    > There are a number of ways of stopping this reflection attack. In many cases, it is
    > sufficient to include the names of the two parties in the authentication exchange.

    Sorry, I don’t think it’s sufficient for the reflection attack like the following case.

    > It is still not enough just for the two units to be connected and share a list
    > of outstanding challenges, as an enemy attacked by two of our aircraft might
    > reflect a challenge from one of them to be answered by the other.

    F1 -> B : N
    B -> F2 : N
    F2 -> B : {B, N}K
    B -> F1 : {B, N}K

    F1, F2: our aircraft
    B : enemy

    I misunderstood?

    Thank you.

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