Award Winners #2

Two years ago, almost exactly, I wrote:

Congratulations to Steven J. Murdoch and George Danezis who were recently awarded the Computer Laboratory Lab Ring (the local alumni association) award for the “most notable publication” (that’s notable as in jolly good) for the past year, written by anyone in the whole lab.

Well this year, it’s the turn of Tyler Moore and myself to win, for our APWG paper: Examining the Impact of Website Take-down on Phishing.

The obligatory posed photo, showing that we both own ties (!), is courtesy of the Science Editor of the Economist.

Tyler Moore and Richard Clayton, most notable publication 2008
Tyler Moore and Richard Clayton, most notable publication 2008

5 thoughts on “Award Winners #2

  1. Well done, chaps! When you say “you both own ties” does that mean you each individually can reach the plural, or that together you own a plurality? 😉


  2. Mike,

    If you look carefully you will see that neither person has their tie done up properly.

    It makes me think that just prior to the photo either the top buttons where undone or the ties had been borrowed briefly from other persons 8)

    Seriously though guys congrats.

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