Daily Archives: 2007-08-19

Latest on security economics

Tyler and I have a paper appearing tomorrow as a keynote talk at Crypto: Information Security Economics – and Beyond. This is a much extended version of our survey that appeared in Science in October 2006 and then at Softint in January 2007.

The new paper adds recent research in security economics and sets out a number of ideas about security psychology, into which the field is steadily expanding as economics and psychology become more intertwined. For example, many existing security mechanisms were designed by geeks for geeks; but if women find them harder to use, and as a result are more exposed to fraud, then could system vendors or operators be sued for unlawful sex discrimination?

There is also the small matter of the extent to which human intelligence evolved because people who were good at deceit, and at detecting deception in others, were likely to have more surviving offspring. Security and psychology might be more closely entwined than anyone ever thought.