PerSec 2007 deadline: 24 September

If you need an incentive for writing up some cool security stuff you did recently, note that the deadline for paper submissions to PerSec 2007 is in just over a week, 2006-09-24.

PerSec 2007 is the Fourth IEEE International Workshop on Pervasive Computing and Communication Security, to be held in conjunction with IEEE PerCom in March 2007 in New York City.

1 thought on “PerSec 2007 deadline: 24 September

  1. Extension of submission deadline
    IEEE Persec: Pervasive Computing and Communication Security


    One week extension for uploading the paper BUT please enter the metadata right away.


    In response to pleas from authors, we have agreed to grant an extension.
    The method chosen gives authors an extra week to finish the paper but in a way that does not delay the assignment of papers to reviewers.

    Authors: please register your paper on the server AS SOON AS POSSIBLE and enter its metadata (title, abstract etc) by following steps 1 and 2 of these instructions:

    Metadata submission must be completed by end of Tue 26 Sep (I don’t know the actual time zone of the physical server so be conservative—assume UTC+0 even if it’s in the USA).

    So long as the metadata is on the server by that date, you may then upload your paper (step 3) at a later time, up to the end of Sun 1 Oct.

    Authors who have already uploaded their paper (thank you) are free to revise it and re-upload it until 1 Oct too if they so wish.

    Technical program committee members: please pass along this information to those to whom you sent the original call for papers.

    Frank Stajano and Doug Tygar
    Persec 2007 co-chairs

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