Health IT Report

Late last year I wrote a report for the National Audit Office on the health IT expenditure, strategies and goals of the UK and a number of other developed countries. This showed that our National Program for IT is in many ways an outlier, and high-risk. Now that the NAO has published its own report, we’re allowed to make public our contribution to it.

Readers may recall that I was one of 23 computing professors who wrote to Parliament’s Health Select Committee asking for a technical review of this NHS computing project, which seems set to become the biggest computer project disaster ever. My concernes were informed by the NAO work.

2 thoughts on “Health IT Report

  1. After having worked on the NHS program for x years, I asked for my health record data not to be shared. Externality and risk trade-offs within the security department were far too frequent, and the security consequences that great I had to resign on ethical grounds, especially as when I made a complaint I was told to cut corners! and then was bullied out of my job. Now that’s great security steerage! From the executive!, if not honest naivety on my part!

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