Daily Archives: 2006-07-15


Light Blue Touchpaper will be inaccessible for around 19 hours due to building maintenance. The server will be powered off at 22:00 UTC, Saturday 15 July and should be restarted at 17:00 UTC, Sunday 16 July. However, potential problems with the server or networking equipment on restoration of power may prevent access to the site until Monday.

Update: 17:30 UTC, Sunday 16 July
The power is on, the electronic locks let me in, network connectivity, DHCP and DNS works and the coffee machine is up and running. So that is the Computer Lab critical infrastructure in operation and LBT is back online.

Update: Tuesday 25 July
There will be another downtime for the Light Blue Touchpaper server on Wednesday 26 July, 7:00–10:00 UTC, due to work on our electricity supply.