Daily Archives: 2006-05-11

WEIS 2006

The Fifth Annual Workshop on the Economics of Information Security (WEIS) is coming to Cambridge on June 26-28. WEIS topics include the interaction of networks with crime and conflict; the economics of bugs; the dependability of open source and free software; liability and insurance; reputation; privacy; risk perception; the economics of DRM and trusted computing; the economics of trust; the return on security investment; and economic perspectives on spam. A preliminary program and accepted papers are available online.

Immediately following the conclusion of WEIS is the co-located Sixth Workshop on Privacy Enhancing Technologies, June 28-30. The last week of June is sure to be an exciting one in Cambridge.

Participation is open to all interested researchers, practitioners and policy-makers. Register by the end of the week for an early registration discount.

Cambridge Security Seminars

The Security Group organizes a series of seminars. They are open to anyone interested in security research, not just to staff and students of the Computer Laboratory. Travel directions are available for anyone wishing to attend, and an outline of the programme for this term is below.

If you would like to receive email announcements of forthcoming seminars, please contact me.