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Congratulations to Steven J. Murdoch and George Danezis who were recently awarded the Computer Laboratory Lab Ring (the local alumni association) award for the “most notable publication” (that’s notable as in jolly good) for the past year, written by anyone in the whole lab.

Their paper, “Low cost traffic analysis of Tor”, was presented at the 2005 IEEE Symposium on Security and Privacy (Oakland 2005). It demonstrates a feasible attack, within the designer’s threat model, on the anonymity provided by Tor, the second generation onion routing system.

George was recently back in Cambridge for a couple of days (he’s currently a post-doc visiting fellow at the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven) so we took a photo to commemorate the event (see below). As it happens, Steven will be leaving us for a while as well, to work as an intern at Microsoft Research for a few months… one is reminded of the old joke about the Scotsman coming south of the border and thereby increasing the average intelligence of both countries 🙂

George Danezis and Steven J. Murdoch, most notable publication 2006
George Danezis and Steven J. Murdoch, most notable publication 2006

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  1. Well done Steven and George! Don’t worry, you were always viewed as some of the most not able researchers in our group, long before this official recognition 😉

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