Cat with computer virus

Live from IEEE PerCom in Pisa, Italy: “Is your cat infected by a computer virus?“, the paper about writing a virus for RFID tags, by Melanie Rieback, Bruno Crispo (Cambridge security group alumnus) and Andrew Tanenbaum, which got huge press coverage following its “press release” yesterday, has just been given a “best paper for high impact” award. The official Mark Weiser award went to a system paper, but they made up this ad-hoc award for this one… I’m glad it got an award. Somewhat lighthearted and in part debatable, but it was definitely the paper I enjoyed the most.

The authors have a web site for it at (following the perverse fashion of buying a new top level domain for every new thing you do)

3 thoughts on “Cat with computer virus

  1. Perverse fashion, yes, but also a money-making opportunity. They can charge who knows how much for “”, or some similar ‘antidote’ domain name :^)

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