Daily Archives: 2021-10-03

EPSRC and InnovateUK launch £8M Digital Security by Design – CHERI/Morello Software Ecosystem funding call

For a bit over a decade, SRI International and the University of Cambridge have been working to develop CHERI (Capability Hardware Enhanced RISC Instructions), a set of processor-architecture security extensions targeting vulnerability mitigation through memory safety and software compartmentalisation. In 2019, the UK’s Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund announced the £187M Digital Security by Design (DSbD) programme, which is supporting the creation Arm’s experimental CHERI-based Morello processor, System-on-Chip (SoC), and board shipping in early 2022, as well as dozens of industrial and academic projects to explore and develop CHERI-based software security. This week, UKRI will be launching an £8M funding call via EPSRC and InnovateUK to support UK-based academic and industrial CHERI/Morello software ecosystem development work. They are particularly interested in supporting work in the areas of OS and developer toolchain, libraries and packages, language runtimes, frameworks and middleware, and platform services on open-source operating systems — all key areas to expand the breadth and maturity of CHERI-enabled software. There is a virtual briefing event taking place on 5 October 2021, with proposals due on 8 December 2021.