New medical confidentiality campaign

Regular readers of this blog will have noticed growing issues with medical privacy. On April 24th, a new medical confidentiality campaign will kick off in London.

New legislation that comes into force next month will permit the upload of identifiable patient data directly from family doctors’ records to central systems, from which it will be sold and made available to researchers and private companies. Other developments include the creation of online patient records, and a proposal to create shared record systems across health and social care.

MedConfidential has been formed to deal with these multiple threats to patient privacy, and is hosting its first conference on April 24th in central London. This will be a one-day briefing session to provide details of the new policies and explain their potential impact. The conference is free of charge but places are limited. If you would like to attend, please contact Terri Dowty:

1 thought on “New medical confidentiality campaign

  1. I wrote to the E11 in Luxembourg without avail that there are people who would like European Health Insurance but not disclose their history so as they have it now European Health Insurance is not something they could ask for although I am European. Other thing if records are omnipresent and a mistake is done where someone’s opt out option is not recorded it would destroy that person. They are employed to think far when coming out with legislation, there must be things they could do, I hope. To some people it would be like helping them buy a rope to take their own life-if those drafting legislation don’t get it, I’m taking time to spell it out (I believe there are laws against helping someone to take their own life, someone got arrested recently for buying petrol for a suicidal friend). Also in Europe they don’t care less about data protection. Anyway the person whose history they talk about would very often be unaware. How is it I a member of the public, know that a celebrity has had an STD hence complications in pregnancy? If that info went public by the disclosing of the celebrities’ medical record I rest my case.

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