EFF and Tor Project in Google Summer of Code

The EFF and the Tor Project have been accepted into Google Summer of Code. This programme offers students a stipend for contributing to open source software over a 3 month period. Google Summer of Code has been running since 2005 and the Tor project has been a participant since 2007.

We are looking for talented and motivated students to work on a number of projects to improve Tor, and related applications. Students are also welcome to come up with their own ideas. Applications must be submitted by 3 April 2009. For further information, and details on how to apply, see the Tor blog.

4 thoughts on “EFF and Tor Project in Google Summer of Code

  1. What scares me about tor is how it is being promoted, and how evil groups and get human rights groups into trouble. Liberals tend to be too trusting, and the New World Disorder, a bit ruthless.

    Best hopes for tor, and GSC, but I would hope human rights people pick better software, and IT practices. Times are sure changing for the worse.

  2. Original #1 poster here.

    Ditch the 2nd and, my mistake with lynx .

    ..how evil groups [DEL:and] get human rights groups into trouble. Easy to be framed with bad data, or communications with bad servers, that CAN get good people into trouble, to keep movements alive and fueled. Almost like defacto USA policy of Oil/middle east. ISPs are playing ball, and copyright 150K and forensics, EDD {electronic data discovery} is a sleeping monster.

    I fear the coming negotiations/IT control, using good people/movements as blood puppets. Past performance is not enough today, it leads to a false sense of security.

    I wish Tor project the best. A 2004 project really needs to fit the new 2009 global world. Best regards for those who try to make IT/world better.

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