Daily Archives: 2008-11-23

Another link spammer

Yet another link spammer is cluttering up my in-box. You’d think that after exposing this one, and this one, and this one, they’d know better.

The latest set of miscreants operates under the brand “goodeyeforlinks.com” and claim to “use white hat SEO techniques in order to get high quality, do-follow links to your website”. They also claim to be “professional” which in this case must mean you pay for their services, since sending out bulk unsolicited email is anything but professional.

Nevertheless, although their long term aim may indeed be to make money from legitimate, albeit foolish, businesses seeking a higher profile, the sites they have been promoting so far are anything but legitimate. In fact they’ve been fake sites covered with Google adverts (so-called “Made for AdSense” (MFA) sites).

They started by asking me to link to “entovation.net” which they claim is “page rank 3”. In fact it is page rank 3 (!) and a blatant copy of http://www.acentesolutions.com which appears entirely genuine (albeit only page rank 1). They have also been promoting “poland-translation-services.com“, which claims to be a site offering “A large team of 2,500 translators specializing in each sector, located in over 30 countries” …

However, this site is clearly fake as well. I haven’t tracked down where it all comes from, but much of this page comes from this Argentinian page, the text of which has been pushed through Google’s Spanish to English translation tools… which sadly (for example) renders

Comentarios: Se considera foja al equivalente a 500 palabras. Si el documento a traducir es menor a una foja, se lo considerarĂ¡ como una foja.


Comments: foja is considered the equivalent of 500 words. If the document is translated to a lesser foja, we will consider as a foja.

which makes the 2500 translators look more than a little bit foolish!

The fake websites are hosted by EuroAccess Enterprises Ltd. in The Netherlands (which is also where the email spam has been sent from). I’m not alone in receiving this type of email, further examples can be found here, and here, and here, and here, and here, and here, and even here (in Spanish).

EuroAccess have a fine ticketing system for abuse complaints… so I’m able to keep track of what they’re doing about my emails drawing their attention to the fraudsters they are hosting. I am therefore fully aware that they’ve so far marked my missives as “Priority: Low”, and nothing else is recorded to have been done… However, the tickets are still “Status: Open”, so perhaps a little publicity will encourage them to reassess their prioritisation.