Daily Archives: 2008-06-30

Security psychology

I’m currently in the first Workshop on security and human behaviour; at MIT, which brings together security engineers, psychologists and others interested in topics ranging from deception through usability to fearmongering. Here’s the agenda and here are the workshop papers.

The first session, on deception, was fascinating. It emphasised the huge range of problems, from detecting deception in interpersonal contexts such as interrogation through the effects of context and misdirection to how we might provide better trust signals to computer users.

Over the past seven years, security economics has gone from nothing to a thriving research field with over 100 active researchers. Over the next seven I believe that security psychology should do at least as well. I hope I’ll find enough odd minutes to live blog this first workshop as it happens!

[Edited to add:] See comments for live blog posts on the sessions; Bruce Schneier is also blogging this event.