Privacy Enhancing Technologies Symposium (PETS 2008)

I am on the program committee for the Privacy Enhancing Technologies Symposium (previously the PET Workshop), which this year will be held in Leuven, Belgium, 23–25 July 2008. PETS is one of the leading venues for research in privacy, so if you have any relevant research, I can thoroughly recommend submitting it here.

In addition to the main paper session, a new feature this year is HotPETS, which gives the opportunity for short presentations on new and exciting ideas that are potentially not yet mature enough for publication. As usual, proposals for panels are also invited.

The deadline for submissions is 19 February 2008 (except for HotPETS, which is 11 April 2008). More details can be found in the Call For Papers.

3 thoughts on “Privacy Enhancing Technologies Symposium (PETS 2008)

  1. There’s one message I would like to see coming from folks who are working on privacy enhancing technologies. While these technologies may be useful, please remember that they are not the complete solution. There’s just as many important considerations in the area of organizational process and culture.
    For instance, questions about who “owns” which data and how are they or others allowed to use it.

    Folks like Stefan Brands might disagree.

  2. @Eric Norman

    Yes, I agree with you. PETS is also looking for submissions along these lines, for example “Policy, law, and human rights relating to privacy … Fielded systems … Deployment models for privacy infrastructures”, both from academia and industry.

    Historically PETS has not had much of this, since there haven’t been many submissions and those that have been sent are often quite poor. PETS (and other conferences) do recognize the need for getting contributions from industry, but encouraging them is hard.

  3. Does the PETs Symposium/Workshop have a working definition of its namesake, i.e. “privacy-enhancing technoloiges”?

    IF so, I can’t find it anywhere on the website :-9

    Thx, Fred

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