Theme is back

Dan Cvrček has very kindly ported over the old Blix-based theme to be compatible with WordPress 2.3 (and also hopefully more maintainable). There are a few bugs to be ironed out, for example the Authors and About pages don’t work yet, but these are being worked on. If you spot any other problems, please leave a comment on this post, or email lbt-admin

Update 2007-11-28: Authors and About should now work.

1 thought on “Theme is back

  1. Bravo! Its nice to have our proper theme back. Back when we were first considering the blog, there was a plan to make the firework reference more explicit in the site graphics. And I made a proof-of-concept banner. I don’t believe my banner is up to scratch quite, but I still rather like the idea of fireworks subtly integrated into the theme somehow. Anyone agree?

    Some blogs also rotate though a small stock of banners, or commission new ones on a 6 monthly basis or so.

    So while we’re improving, why not got a little further?


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