Happy Birthday ORG!

The Open Rights Group (ORG) has, today, published a report about their first two years of operation.

ORG’s origins lie in an online pledge, which got a thousand people agreeing to pay a fiver a month to fund a campaigning organisation for digital rights. This mass membership gives it credibility, and it’s used that credibility on campaigns on Digital Rights Management, Copyright Term Extension (“release the music“), Software Patents, Crown Copyright and E-Voting (for one small part of which Steven Murdoch and I stayed up into the small hours to chronicle the debacle in Bedford).

ORG is now lobbying in the highest of circles (though as everyone else who gives the Government good advice they aren’t always listened to), and they are getting extensively quoted in the press, as journalists discover their expertise, and their unique constituency.

Naturally ORG needs even more members, to become even more effective, and to be able to afford to campaign on even more issues in the future. So whilst you look at their annual report, do think about whether you can really afford not to support them!

ObDisclaimer: I’m one of ORG’s advisory council members. I’m happy to advise them to keep it up!

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