Developments on health privacy…

The Register reports a leaked document from the NHS which concludes that sensitive patient records would probably be safer held locally, rather than stored on a national database as the Government proposes.

This follows a poll last week in which a majority of GPs said they would not upload their patients’ records to the national database. Together the poll and the leak are a double whammy for the misguided and wasteful project to centralise all computer systems in the NHS.

On Wednesday we are launching a campaign to persuade patients to opt out too. The inaugural meeting will be from 7 to 9 PM in Imperial College, London. For background, see recent posts on opting out and on kids’ databases.

4 thoughts on “Developments on health privacy…

  1. It may also be interesting to note, that the risk assessment mentions Healthspace, the online health record summary (future) website. Now won’t that be a barell of laughs. At present I believe it stores such voluntary information as, I smoke 5 cigs a day, medications, and some other diary type logs. However, If you really wanted to you could UUENCODE and upload your medical data.

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