Daily Archives: 2006-04-27

Covert conflict in social networks

Last summer Ross Anderson and myself published a technical report titled “the topology of covert conflict” with preliminary results on attacks and defences in complex networks. We explored various tactical and strategic options available to combatants involved in conflict. The paper has now been accepted for publication at WEIS 2006.

This work has also been under discussion at various blogs and websites:

D-Link settles!

All the fuss about D-Link’s usage of the Danish-based stratum 1 time server seems to have had one good result. Poul-Henning Kamp’s web page has the following announcement this morning:

“D-Link and Poul-Henning Kamp announced today that they have amicably resolved their dispute regarding access to Mr. Kamp’s GPS.Dix.dk NTP Time Server site. D-Link’s existing products will have authorized access to Mr. Kamp’s server, but all new D-Link products will not use the GPS.Dix.dk NTP time server. D-Link is dedicated to remaining a good corporate and network citizen.”

which was nice.

Time will tell if D-Link has arranged their firmware to avoid sending undesirable traffic to other stratum 1 time servers as well, but at least the future well-being of Poul-Henning’s machine is assured.