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Human Rights and Biophysics (strange similarities)

I recently received an email from “Daniel” at the “European Human Rights Centre”.

I came across your site while searching the net for
some quality websites. I think you did a great job
with your site.

My name is Daniel. I work for The European Human
Rights Centre (EHRC).

I would like to add your site to our usefull links page
( ) and I was
wondering if you can post a link with our site in
your website.

For your convenience I send you bellow the code
for our website:
<a href="">EHRC</a>

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to
contact me and I'll answer your questions promtly.

We are Nonprofit organization .
Best regards,
European Human Rights Centre Organisation
ETH Honggeberg
CH-8093 Zurich / Switzerland
Tel: +41-1-638-3453
Fax: +41-1-693-10 73 and 693 11 51

But this email is not quite what it seems…. Continue reading Human Rights and Biophysics (strange similarities)